In Our Prayers
Please lift up the following people in your
prayers this week.

Andrew Amati
Carlo & Donna Antonino
Paul Arnold
Janice Barber
Barry Bennett
Jane Bowman
Joyce Burnside
Sandra Christina
Joe Cioffi

Karen Cioffi

Jim Cuda
Ken, Marie & Mark Dale
Pat DelPadre
Ed Evans

Glen Gemme

Arnold Hall
LuFern Hudson

Diane Johnson

Jennifer Johnson
Vicki Keane
Evelyn LeBlanc
Tim Lynn
John Macomber
Sheila Martel
Rev. Joshua McClure
John Millett
Sharon & Bill Mitchell
Kyra Moussie
Marie Moussie
Esther Nacci
Michael Payne
Tony Perrone
Paul Pierce
Debbie Plante
Scott Rahl
Robert Rice
Edward "Eddy" Smith
James Stewart
Charlene Tops
Ellen Turner
LuAnn Watson

We pray for our men and women
in the
armed forces including our own;

Captain Evan Caval
Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gavitt
Lance Corporal Jordan Payne
Lance Corporal Christian Smith
Those who are homebound or in
nursing facilities and are
unable to get out very often:

Alice Bliven
Ruth Brayman
Gertrude Smith
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request by clicking on the
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